I understand that sleep is self-care. I commit to making sleep a priority in my life. I commit to spending time and energy on exercise, eating healthy, and taking care of my body. I will invest in my rest. Signed:

Take the pledge below to receive exclusive bedtime content from our partner obé Fitness and be entered into a sweepstakes to win a Purple Sleep Suite valued up to $5,000, including:

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Sleep is our thing...

We all love to sleep, but sometimes we miss the mark by not getting enough or not prioritizing sleep in our busy schedules. That’s why this Sleep Week, we ask you to take the pledge to Invest In Rest. By taking this pledge, you are committing to:

  • Establishing a regular sleep schedule
  • Creating a bedtime routine
  • Eliminating distractions that keep you from sleep. (We see you, TikTok)
  • Using your bed for only sleep and other related activities
  • Saving large meals for earlier in the day (not right before bed)
  • Finding ways to de-stress before bed

What is Sleep
Awareness Week?

Launched in 1998, Sleep Awareness Week is National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) public education campaign that celebrates sleep health and encourages the public to prioritize sleep to improve health and well-being. The campaign commences with the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. NSF provides valuable information during Sleep Awareness Week about the benefits of optimal sleep and how sleep affects health, well-being, and safety. NSF also releases its annual Sleep in America® Poll results on the public’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about a sleep-related topic.

Take the Pledge - Invest in Rest

obé Fitness + Purple Exclusive Offer

Special Offer for You

We care about the moments leading up to your best night’s sleep. That's why we partnered with obé Fitness, a live and on-demand fitness network offering classes taught by world-class instructors, to create simple yet impactful wind-down exercises to incorporate into your bedtime routine on your Purple mattress.

As a thank you for taking the pledge above, you’ll receive a free 30-day trial to obé Fitness (valid for new monthly subscribers only)

Use the breathing technique shown below to calm your mind and body in the moments before you rest and reset:

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