What You Can Do to Help

Please help us give even more children comfort and joy this holiday season. If you'd like to help provide comfort to kids who need it most, consider adding a donation in-cart with your Purple purchase! 

With just a $25 donation, we can provide a child with their very own bag of bedtime comfort items, including:

+   Purple Pillow
+   Purple Eye Mask
+   Purple Squishy
+   Purple Sleep Guide
+   Book
+   Journal
+   Stuffed Animal
+   Socks

Children ages 6–12 need at least 9–11 hours of sleep each night to be at their best. Without sleep, children experience stress, negative feelings, and low energy, and have problems with attention and memory. Kids with the least amount of sleep have the lowest grades.

When kids are displaced, it’s even harder for them to sleep. That’s why Purple and Precious Dreams work together to give kids comfortable bedtime items – so they can get the rest they need to be ready for whatever life throws their way.  

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Comfort + Joy to Children in Need

Your donation goes toward socks, pillows, and more for children in the foster system and homeless shelters.

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Our Partnership With Precious Dreams

Purple first partnered with Precious Dreams Foundation in 2020, with both sharing a mission to provide comfort for every body. 

Precious Dreams Foundation provides sleep support, teaches healthy coping mechanisms, and helps youth in foster care or homeless shelters uncover paths to fostering their dreams. Since teaming up, more than 2,500 children in foster care and homeless shelters have been gifted comfort items to help ease this time in their lives.


The Organization

Precious Dreams Foundation adheres to strict non-profit guidelines and accounts for every dime donated. They accept monetary donations in any amount, so please give generously. 100% of all monetary donations made through Purple will be used to provide comfort bags. When you donate to Precious Dreams Foundation, you will be given their non-profit tax ID number for your records. 

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Gifts of Comfort Silent Auction

Pillowcase decorating is a Precious Dreams activity designed to inspire children to acknowledge things that makes them feel good and illustrate those forms of comfort on a pillowcase. These nightly reminders induce positive thoughts at bedtime so children may relax and experience better dreams.

Purple has partnered with artists across the country to design one-of-kind pillowcases used in a silent auction with all proceeds going to the foundation. Along with that, we’ve included bundles from our holiday gift guide and products donated from our partners that are now available for bid.

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