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Meet the Grid

Purple invented the Grid to solve the problems normal mattresses create

Purple Mattress

Best Mattress for sleepers experiencing pain?

And every type of sleeper.
All thanks to the Grid.


Motion Isolation - If you toss and turn or need to get up in the middle of the night, your partner won’t feel it. 

Cooling Technology - Feeling too hot or too cold during the night makes for a miserable night’s sleep. Purple’s Grid allows plenty of airflow designed to regulate temperature. 

Comfort If youre feeling the aches and pains of sleeping on a memory foam mattress — or any mattress that isn't Purple — you deserve to experience the best level of comfort offered with the Purple Grid.  

Support - Other mattresses won’t cut it. All sleepers need extra support that cradles and supports pressure points. 

The Results are in: Purple Users sleep better

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Is pain ruining your sleep?

Purple is uniquely designed to provide comfort without sacrificing support. Common pain from sleep is experienced in the major pressure points of the body: back, side, shoulder, or hips. The Purple Grid allows your pressure points to be supported and cradled, allowing for optimal sleep.


*Per a recent 3rd party survey of mattress users

Whether it's back pain, shoulder pain, side pain, or even full body pain, 

Purple is here to support you. We have your back (and your whole body).

Find The Perfect Mattress For Your Specific Needs

Queen size starting at $2699

Queen size starting at $3499

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress is perfect for back sleepers who prefer firmer support without sacrificing the soft comfort of a mattress. 

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress is perfect for side sleepers who prefer a softer cushion that provides ultimate no-pressure support.

Still not sure which mattress to choose? 

Purple offers a Free 100 Night Sleep Trial on all mattresses. Try a Purple Mattress risk-free and experience the difference today.



Best For 

Sleepers with back pain

Sleepers with shoulder, hip, or side pain

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42,000 verified reviews and counting.

I wish I had known

I wish I had known what a difference this mattress would make for me. I have been dealing with back and neck pain for years. I would wake up in the morning feeling terrible and sore as if I had been hauling bricks all night long. Within 1 week of receiving my Purple Mattress and Pillows, no more back pain. I wish I could say that I had started doing Yoga or some kind of Eastern Medicine; but the only thing that had changed was my bed. Thank you Purple! I tell everyone I know about my Purple Bed and they should check you guys out as well! Best money I've ever spent!


So Comfortable!

I've had low and mid back pain for over 20 years and this is the first mattress I've been able to sleep in any position. It's wonderful to sleep comfortably again!




I am IN LOVE with my Purple Mattress!!! The first night that I slept on it was the first night I haven’t woke up with back pain in YEARS!!! I just wish there was a portable option to take with me when I travel!!





Cooling Technology -  

Feeling too hot or too cold during the night makes for a miserable night’s sleep. Purple’s Grid allows   plenty of airflow designed   to regulate temperature. 


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J.D. Power Trophy