It's vital for all of us to get enough sleep. And school is just around the corner. All week long, our Chief of Sleep Advisor, Dr. Breus, will be sharing tips and how to get better sleep at any age. Follow us here and on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Tik Tok.

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Invest in Your Rest and Get Back to Sleep

About Our Partner

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Immunity Sleep
Kids Sleep (Ages 4+)

Infants & Toddlers


Purple’s Chief Sleep Advisor, Dr. Breus, shares some of his top tips for new parents to help them get quality sleep while adjusting to their new role as a parent.

Exclusive Sleep Week Content!

About Our Partner

We've partnered with Owlet to help provide a complete picture of your baby's wellbeing. The Owlet Monitor Duo delivers the most advanced snapshot of your baby inside and out thanks to the intelligence of their award-winning Smart Sock paired with their Owlet Cam. Monitor heart rate and oxygen levels with HD video - and ease your mind with the right information at the right time.

• The Smart Sock fits babies 0-18 months ($299 value)
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Learn about the signs of sleep deprivation in kids and how you and your child can create a sleep schedule to ensure they get the rest they need to keep up with their busy schedules.  

High School


Dr. Breus talks about how parents can help their teens establish habits and attitudes toward sleep that they will hopefully carry throughout their life.  



Purple’s Chief Sleep Advisor, Dr. Breus, will talk about how to guide your college student to better sleep, touching on everything from the impact of caffeine to the power of napping.

Working Adults


In his final lecture, Purple’s Chief Sleep Advisor, Dr. Breus, discusses easy ways to help relieve jet lag and sleep well on your next trip. 

Elementary Age