How to Set Up Your Ascent Power Base

Your Ascent Power Base is here! Let's set it up.

Get the Power Base in Place

  • Use two people and bring box to bedroom. 

  • Remove the bed base from the box and unfold so that the bottom is facing up. 

  • Locate and hand tighten the legs to the base in all four corners. 

  • (If installing a king please refer to the manual pages 19-24 at this step.) 

  • Connect the cables. 

  • Uncoil input cord and plug into power supply. 

  • Flip the base over and move into final place (Be careful not to drag the base or put pressure on the legs while your bed is on its side as you may damage the legs). 

  • Insert the power cord into power supply. 

  • Plug in the power cord into an outlet (A surge protector is recommended but not included). 

  • Install Mattress retainer bar into the inserts at the foot of the base. 

  • Locate remote and load 3 AAA batteries. 

  • Press head and feet up and down buttons to verify proper setup and function. 

  • Return bed to flat position. 

  • For troubleshooting your remote or other issues please refer to the owners manual. 

  • Place your new Purple mattress onto your base and enjoy!

Enjoy your Purple!

REMEMBERIt can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to your Purple mattress (it’s never felt this kind of support before!).  

Setting Up Your Ascent Power Base: